You can use the following resources to obtain additional information about GEUP 9 and GEUP 3D 8 or to send your questions, comments or suggestions:


Use the following links to download the quick guides; together with the included help files, they will allow you to learn the basic operations. When you purchase the full versions, you obtain the User Manuals.

GEUP 9 - Quick guide [ geup9_quickguide.pdf ]
GEUP 3D 8 - Quick guide [ geup3d8_quickguide.pdf ]


A collection of useful sample constructions are installed in the 'samples' subfolder within the application installation folder and are also accessible from the application Start menu folder. Download GEUP/GEUP 3D Demo
The full versions of GEUP 9 and GEUP 3D 8 include both a set of over 250 samples and CADGEUP includes a set of over 500 specific samples.


If you have any question, first you can visit Frequently asked questions.

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